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9956066_print-bWhen searching for your dream home, you want to make sure that you are educated on all of the options available to you. People who look for a home on their own often find it to be a challenge. Partnering with a Realtor is the best way to make sure you are making the best, informed decision for you.

The best part?  You, the buyer, pay NOTHING for our services!  In Arizona, the seller always pays for both buyer and seller to have Realtor representation, so there is no need to go through the process on your own!


Pre-qualification is simply when a lender steps in to review your financials and approve a loan for a home. Then you will know exactly what price range you can afford, be able to make an offer when you find the home you love and potentially catch any errors on your credit report early, if there are any, so that you can resolve them right away. Once you’ve spoken with a lender, we will find the homes that match your wants and needs.


This is when you will put your thinking cap on and think beyond just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. How close do you want to be to work or school? Is a fireplace a “need” or a “want”? Perfect community, but no pool… how big is the yard? We will explore all of the possibilities and together, work with your Wish List.


If you are financing, it will be critical to your timeline to have all of the requested documentation in to your lender. Once your ideal home is found, we want to make sure we are ready to hit the ground running!


Once you have your financing and your favorite home, we will put together the offer package which will include the Purchase Agreement and Property Addendums. When the contract is accepted by the seller, you will open escrow.


To assure the best understanding of your new home’s condition, we will do a property inspection. It will be a comprehensive review of the infrastructure of the property performed by a licensed professional. The inspection is an investment in your home today to avoid possible future issues.


A Home Warranty is always recommended as further assurance of your property’s condition. It will protect you by paying for certain repairs and costs of major systems and built-in appliances. There are many plans to chose from, including the handful that we consider our partners.


Once all parties have agreed to the final terms of the contract and the home passes inspection, the title company draws up the documents for both parties to sign. Once you have attended your document signing, the lender funds the loan and the property is recorded with the new owner – YOU – at the County Recorder’s Office.

We take you through every step of the process, making sure that not only do you understand the process as we go through it, but that you have an advocate looking out for you.

Do we succeed? You can view comments from clients that we have represented in the past simply by clicking on Testimonials. So give yourself a break and let us handle the details.

Just contact us today or call us at 602-743-8531 and………… Prepare To Be Moved!